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The Anydaze Difference

      Socks are fun but they also need to be super comfortable. It's a good thing we found each other. Anydaze socks are made with combed cotton and smooth toe seam for your comfort and happiness.
What is combed cotton and why is it better than regular cotton? 
      Glad you asked. We want you to know. Combing cotton is done to help smooth fibers before spinning the yarn used in the socks. Combing is used for high quality fabric with high thread counts. It filters out the short length fibers and other debris, leaving only the longest and strongest fibers.
      Combed cotton is less likely to fray, unravel, or tear. It is more durable, finer, smoother, cleaner, compact, softer, and stronger than uncombed cotton. It's also great for people with sensitive skin since those pesky short and prickling fibers are removed during combing.
What is smooth toe?
      A smooth toe seam, also known as "seamless toe," is a way of finishing the toe of the sock so that the seam is not prominent. If you turn your socks inside out you'll probably notice there is a bump along the toe seam. This bump causes friction on your toes, and if you don't adjust it, it becomes downright irritating. You may have found yourself having to adjust the toe area before putting on your shoes so that the seam doesn't bother you.
      With smooth toe you'll definitely notice a difference. With smooth toe the bump is gone. No more moving the seam around before putting on your shoes. No more feeling a bump at your toes. Because we're so used to having the thick seam you may not even realize how annoying it is because you didn't have the alternative of wearing Anydaze's smooth toe socks. 
      If you don't really want to turn your socks inside out we've got you covered. Check out the picture up top of an inside out regular seam sock and the smooth toe sock. There really is a difference that you can see.
Why Anydaze?
      You already know why our socks are so comfortable. But did you know they are fun and colorful too? We have socks for everyone. Are you sarcastic, a quiet rebel, or just like your socks to reflect what you want to say? We have socks with fun sayings on them that will speak to your uniqueness. Don't care for text? We also have fun socks with modern graphics but no text. Either way you can't go wrong.
      Let us brighten your day and make it suck a little less. Thanks for choosing Anydaze. We look forward to a long and happy relationship with your feet.