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About Us

Anydaze Company is a family owned business in the San Diego and Los Angeles areas of Southern California. When we began, we had three goals: Make high quality and comfortable socks for you, give you the best customer service, and make designs that will make you laugh and feel good.

We continue working with those goals so that you can always count on Anydaze socks to brighten your day.

We always love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, or how you like your Anydaze socks.  Feel free to shoot us an email at or use our Contact Us form for help in any way.

Our Team

Deborah Engel, Anydaze socks    Deborah, Owner & Operations

Micah Engel, Anydaze socks Micah, Owner, Marketing & Design

David Brodie, Anydaze socks David, Logistics Director

Julie Ramirez, Anydaze Socks Julie, Creative Director

Anydaze Socks J-Man, Designer in Training

Factory team 
Mavis and the Manufacturing Team